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Werner Field Dedication

The Arlington community surely is a special place. It has been made even more special because of our Coach.

I say OUR Coach because as you look around tonight you’ll will see countless people that Coach Werner has coached or at least had a positive effect on in some way.

For over 40 years Coach Werner has given so much to our community.

  • Not only did he spend 31 years coaching our varsity team; he also founded and ran our youth soccer league for 30 years. The program, now back under his leadership, has grown this year to about 125 children in the youth program and an additional 35 + players in our U-17/U14 program.
  • This past summer coach held his 39th annual Arlington Soccer Camp. This camp has helped teach hundreds of players the game of soccer as well as many valuable life lessons.
  • During his time as head Coach here, Coach compiled over 345 wins, many of which were earned right here on this field. It was Coach’s efforts that brought lights to this field in 1991 making all these night games possible for our community.

Coach’s commitment to our community and our kids over the years has been nothing short of incredible. He has taught so many of us the game of soccer, but more importantly he has taught us commitment, he has taught us teamwork, he has taught us to be good people and so much more. He has shown us how this simple game can help create lifelong friendships that run deeper that any game.

Coach your dedication to the game of soccer and to our community is second to none, and for that I say THANK YOU! Thank you for all the time you have given us and all the lessons you have taught us both on and off the field. Our community is a much better place because of you.

As a small token of appreciation for all that you have done and all you continue to do, I am honored and privileged to officially present to you and this community WERNER FIELD.

Todd Wilkins

Coach Werner & 2016 Eagle varsity teams in background

Left to right - Todd Wilkins, John Werner, Judy Werner,
Tim Williams, Dr. Michael Welther

Photos by Gary Baker